donderdag 2 maart 2017

Bialetti Moka Express

De Bialetti 3-kops Moka Express is 's werelds meest erkende en gekoesterde koffiezetapparaat. De opvallende achtkantige aluminium pot is gemakkelijk te gebruiken en maakt je koffie klaar op een authentieke wijze. Vul onderaan het reservoir met water, doe gemalen koffie in het filter, schroef het geheel in elkaar en plaats het op een warmtebron. Het water borrelt langzaam omhoog, door de koffie heen en produceert zo een rijke, heerlijke, aromatische espresso in slechts enkele minuten. De aluminium pot is demonteerbaar voor eenvoudige reiniging.

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Jamie's Italy - Italian Cuisine

Bestselling author Jamie Oliver finally devotes an entire book to America's favorite cuisine--Italian!

Italy and its wonderful flavors have always had a major influence on Jamie Oliver's food and cooking. In Jamie's Italy, he travels this famously gastronomic country paying homage to the classic dishes of each region and searching for new ideas to bring home. The result is a sensational collection of Italian recipes, old and new, that will ensure that Italy's influence reaches us all.

Italy has inspired Jamie Oliver throughout his career. His ambition has always been to travel across the country on a quest to capture the very essence of Italian cooking--and to produce the best and simplest Italian cookbook for everybody anywhere to enjoy.

Jamie's Italy is the result of that journey--and it's a land of plenty. As well as providing more than 120 brand-new recipes for everything from risotto to roasts and spaghetti to stews, structured as traditional trattoria menus, Jamie takes you all over Italy to cook with and learn from the real masters of Italian cuisine: the locals. Far from the standard "lemons and olives" version of Italian cooking, Jamie's Italy is a cookbook by the people for the people. From Sicily to Tuscany, it's about the local fishermen, family bakers, and, of course, the "Mamas," sharing their recipes and the tips that have gone into their cooking for generations. But it's not only mouthwatering food that Jamie brings back home: it's also the spirit that makes cooking and eating absolutely central to family life, whichever part of Italy you're in.

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Zeg je Italiaans koken, dan zeg je De Zilveren Lepel

De vernieuwde De Zilveren Lepel
Zeg je Italiaans koken, dan zeg je De Zilveren Lepel. 
In ItaliĆ« wordt De Zilveren Lepel al meer dan zestig jaar verkocht en van generatie op generatie doorgegeven. 
Maar dit standaardwerk wordt ook steeds bijgewerkt, zodat zowel beginnende als gevorderde koks ook in het noordelijker deel van Europa echt Italiaans kunnen koken.
De nieuwe editie van De Zilveren Lepel telt bijna 1.500 pagina's, met meer dan 2.000 authentieke recepten en 400 nieuwe foto's. uiteraard nog steeds met uitgebreide uitleg over kooktermen en keukengerei en een register waarin gezocht kan worden op ingrediƫnt, gang, Italiaanse en Nederlandse receptnaam.

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Nannini Cruiser Hand Sewn Italian Flag Leather Goggles Chrome Frames Smoke Anti-Fog Lens

These hand-sewn padded leather goggles are modeled after early 20th century riding gear. 
Lenses are high definition, nondistortive, scratch resistant, 100% UVA/UVB polycarbonate for perfect visibility in all conditions. 
The Streetfighter is designed to be used over a helmet thanks to the adjustable fork where the elastic band is mounted. 
Separated frames assure perfect adjustability to fit all faces. 
The air intakes in the frame are positioned for maximum ventilation. 
High quality polycarbonate anti-fog lenses ensure perfect visibility in all weather conditions. 
These goggles also fold easily into a pocket. 
Made in Italy. 
Sunglasses may look cool, but anyone who rides will tell you that biker eyewear is critical to the safety and enjoyment of the ride. 
Pacific Coast Sunglasses brings you motorcycle sunglasses and motorcycle goggles that are super comfortable, durable and affordably priced. 
Here you will find the Original KD sunglasses, Biker Chix sunglasses for women, Airfoil goggles and sunglasses, Value Line motorcycle goggles, Nannini leather biker goggles, and a huge selection of wrap style biker sun-glasses.

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La Cucina Italiana Encyclopedia of Italian Cooking

All the essential techniques, profusely illustrated with step-by-step photographs. 
How do you recognize a San Marzano tomato? 
How do you shape tortellini? 
How do you cut scallopine? 
Everyone loves Italian food, but the ingredients and techniques can be new territory and plain recipes can take you only so far. 
To make sense of it all, you need La Cucina Italiana. 
With more than 3,000 step-by-step photographs, this veritable encyclopedia guides you through all the essential building blocks of this cuisine. 
The images remove the guesswork from the more than 500 recipes included, allowing you to truly master the art of Italian cooking. 
Reflecting the philosophy of the cuisine itself, La Cucina Italiana puts ingredients first, explaining the different types and the best use of each. 
Then it supplies you with multiple methods for preparing those ingredients, ranging from simple to complex. 
Thus the book is suitable both for beginners and more advanced chefs who want to perfect their techniques. 
Sprinkled throughout are sidebars such as "The Right Tool," "Chef’s Secrets," and "Advice and Tips." 
Perhaps the most user-friendly publication ever on Italian cooking, La Cucina Italiana is like a compact cooking school you can keep on your shelf.

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Pinzani Pecorino Caglio Vegetale Italian Cheese

The utilization of vegetable rennet adds panache to this pecorino that makes it gentle on the palate with a slightly bitter aftertaste, typical of artichokes. 
It is ideal in vegetarian diets. 
The vegetable rennet pecorino comes from a very ancient tradition typical of the Volterra Cliffs. 
In the history books about local traditions, we can indeed find numerous references to the famous Volterra Cheese, known for its utilization of vegetable rennet obtained from the flowers of wild artichokes, widespread in the region. 
The vegetable rennet is obtained by cold-water extraction of enzymes present on the artichoke flowers, gathered during summer and left to dry in the dark for about five days.

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The Story of the Ape Around the World on Three Wheels

Beautifully produced book documenting the Italian three-wheeled vehicle, The Ape. 
Filled with great color and black and white images. 
Heavy stock and large size soft cover book.

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