donderdag 2 maart 2017

Nannini Cruiser Hand Sewn Italian Flag Leather Goggles Chrome Frames Smoke Anti-Fog Lens

These hand-sewn padded leather goggles are modeled after early 20th century riding gear. 
Lenses are high definition, nondistortive, scratch resistant, 100% UVA/UVB polycarbonate for perfect visibility in all conditions. 
The Streetfighter is designed to be used over a helmet thanks to the adjustable fork where the elastic band is mounted. 
Separated frames assure perfect adjustability to fit all faces. 
The air intakes in the frame are positioned for maximum ventilation. 
High quality polycarbonate anti-fog lenses ensure perfect visibility in all weather conditions. 
These goggles also fold easily into a pocket. 
Made in Italy. 
Sunglasses may look cool, but anyone who rides will tell you that biker eyewear is critical to the safety and enjoyment of the ride. 
Pacific Coast Sunglasses brings you motorcycle sunglasses and motorcycle goggles that are super comfortable, durable and affordably priced. 
Here you will find the Original KD sunglasses, Biker Chix sunglasses for women, Airfoil goggles and sunglasses, Value Line motorcycle goggles, Nannini leather biker goggles, and a huge selection of wrap style biker sun-glasses.

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